Sunday, 14 December 2014

Winter Routine

As the daytime hours are on the jerky boulevard to hit an utter minimum on the 21st of December, steady exercise is back on the day-to-day itinerary. Pre-Season is just happening. Activate that Winter Routine.

Although the fact that a well-rested body wishes it’s adequate period to get back in the direction of a certain amount of fitness, working out gets rougher and tougher as nature undoes its cruel face. It’s icy. It’s wet. Its dark. They label it Wintertime. Winter in the middle of Europe.

In the dim face of the fact that a daily job routine limits the luminous portions of the day, the characters of the latest time of year are nasty encounters. But as the temperatures are sinking, the fitness growths with it the annual inspiration for competing.

For me racing is an immense junk of motivation. And that is precisely what is required during this time of the year. So the first slice of the season is already lined out with the following key races. It looks like it is going to be yet another stunning spell of running, biking and essentially SwimRunning.

Granollers Half-Marathon, Spain
One of the most popular races in Catalonia and on my to-do list for quite some time. Early February outside of Barcelona can’t be that bad. Haven’t competed in a half for some time. That has to stop.

Bienwald Half-Marathon, Germany
Another classic race in the calendar I have never done and would love to do. This year I decided not to run a full marathon early in the year as I want to safe the legs for Engadin. Kandels Marathon is amongst the oldest races in Germany and I want to see where the fast course takes me over half the distance.

German Cross-Duathlon Championships Schleiden
Until now I hit the local trails more often and my love for the chunky wheels got restored with some good training mates during the winter and the diversity of the local trails. The off-road version of duathlon is an exciting and very motivating format. The course for this year’s German champs is a rough and fittingly “cross” one. That’s why I decided to get at it and see what’s possible on the 29er.

Utö SwimRun, Schweden
As the memories of a tough but pretty distinguishing ÖTillÖ are still present, Fabian and I decided to get back to Sweden for the common starter of the SwimRun season. We will start on the island where it all finished a couple of months ago – Utö. It is going to be pretty exciting to see how we perform in the same environment on a shorter course. Alongside with the battling-factor it will be great to get back up there to see some of the dudes we met during ÖTillÖ.

Engadin SwimRun, Switzerland
The first race of the GSP was also the most rewarding. The ending stunned us and the setting of the high valley overwhelmed us. The course matched us well and we managed to provide a unique team performance. There are a hell lot of positive feelings that go along with this race and we want to experience it again and show another GSP worthy routine.

Team Trailing

Tune of the day: DJ Stylewarz - THE EP

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Up Grades

“Don’t buy upgrades, ride up grades." The Cannibal

Tune of the day: Grauzone - Eisbär

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Checked: Norrøna 29 dri3 Coat

Casual and useful can go together. Since I picked up this exquisite chunk of gear I fell in love with it. The plain simple and hands-on approach is perfectly executed with this coat. The Norwegian gang of Norrona shows how its done properly. Despite considered as a “urban” jacket, the 29 Dri3 Men's Rain Coat offers a lot more. I took it to the mounts as well as to work. The clean style is great and shows that useful outdoor equipment doesn’t need to have unexciting shapes and mind-numbing colours. The well shaped 2 handwarmer pockets combined with the small chest and back pockets give enough space for all needs and are placed pretty perfect.

The three-layer Dri3 membrane feels great and saved my ass (yes, also that part of the body thanks to the lovely length…) not only during a jaunt to the grocery store but also while hiking in the mountains all day. I also valued the light and flexible material as you can roll this coat up pretty easily and compact.

Norrona shows how to combine style with function.

Little Product Clip

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Juliet Macur „Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong“

Out in English for quite a while, I wasn’t too sure if I can take yet a additional “LA” manuscript describing a very bizarre human being. As I came across the German version I decided that Juliet Macur’s publication would be the ultimate nail on my personal Armstrong coffin.

Since I first had to watch him winning the 1999 Tour I never liked him. It might was the distressing element of seeing him riding the socks out of my all-time hero Jan Ullrich or his self-important conduct towards the press and fans. Inspecting Lance Edward Armstrong winning bicycle races felt wrong straight from the start.

After all this years of watching a very sad person getting on with his personal sickening personality, New York Times sports reporter Juliet Macur came up with a very well inscribed and authentic recap on what we all followed via different sorts of channels. An American hero that just couldn’t get enough and was so fanatical for beating the competition. The system he created and the politics he executed is beyond believe.

Macur’s book doesn’t stop at the surface of the myth. It goes deeper and describes the system and the final conclusion. It describes the fear and it outlines the power of Armstrong.

This book finally closed the door for me. No more Lance Armstrong please!

Friday, 24 October 2014

shoeporn: Nike ZM Speed RCR

Oh you sweet-smelling jaysus of discerning path and off-path jogging. These are some remarkable ordnances to praise you in the most commendable of all ways.

Approximately 5 (Yes, five!) charming ounces of racing shoe sanity. Just as you praise it. No drop. Modest and lean cushion. Beautiful thin outer and a design and color blend that just stands out from all who do not believe.

Admiration, applause, recommendation!

CLIP OF THE DAY: Can't get enough of "The Speed Project" clip. 41 con­sec­u­tive hours run­ning from Santa Monica Pier to the Las Vegas Strip. All documented in style HERE. And while youre at it - go and check Figub Brazlevic - The Missin' Flava ft. MC Rene. Reen is still the man!