Monday, 20 March 2017

INSTAssel: Let's get on home

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"Fuel consumption way too fast. Let's get on home before we run out of gas!" Remembering the late Chuck Berry with a fine trail run around Über-Hobbits backyard.

Monday, 13 March 2017

shoeporn: Merrell - Agility Peak Flex

Freshest trail running material from Rockford, Michigan, grounded outdoor powerhouse Merrell – the new-fangled Agility Peak Flex.  A shoe ready for daily off-road amusement with some attention-grabbing features.  Surely Merrell is no stranger when it comes to running or hiking besides cemented roads. Although they set their target on the more minimal side of things, they just released the Agility Peak Flex with more cushioning and protection.
A springy and multipurpose running shoe. Capable not only to offer a great feeling on the cemented paths but also besides the road. The steadfast Agility Peak Flex is able to handle a diversity of surfaces but clearly has the strong points on trails and uneven surfaces.
Details matter - I pretty fine little element I like are the blue bands that support the lacing and ensure that the foot stays comfortable and secure.
The so-called FLEXconnect technology is hard to oversee and the fundament of this shoe. A proper lateral and vertical support sole that bids plentiful of sufficient and reactive cushioning while on the move. Even though there is quite some foam between yourself and the ground the feel is great. Flexibility is key and the three-component structure of EVA-foam layers within the FLEXconnect structure delivers just that. I enjoyed the added cushion on longer runs and treasured the feel for the ground once it got tricky. Even though there is so much sole crammed between the earth and the feet. 
Another detail shot that features the fancy Omni-Fit system to provide a precise glove-like fit.
Front end of a comfortable yet forceful shoe.
630 grams (pair) is not much for a shoe with this much cushioning. In addition the design is somewhat slick and singular.
A pleasant feature that generates a comfortable feeling is the thin one-piece TPU overlay as well as the skinny tongue. Together with the heel counter and the sock-like structure of the framework, the heel lock-down feels great and makes sure that the feet are steady on technical territory. 
Nothing new: A forceful outsole design is the key factor for a blameless trail running shoe. Merrell calls their outsole “M Select Grip+”. It contains robust and well located rubber lugs that I liked while hammering some challenging paths in damp or in dry conditions. The design of the sole is a great addition to the flexible sole. For a bulky shoe the Agility Peak Flex creates a safe feeling and plenty of traction. 
Specifics - Heel 27mm, Forefoot 21mm, Drop 6mm
Your heel is protected with the so called Hyperlock system.
The Agility Peak Flex is the forefront of the company’s tactics to further enlarge its assortment of trail focused shoes. Merrell adds to the present style that realises more cushion inside lighter shoes. Minimal running seems to be out of fashion and the company understood fast what the market asks for and created the Agility Peak Flex as the novel collections Gallions figure.

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Friday, 10 March 2017

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Roadmap 2017

“What is the plan this season?” It is the common dialog once you come across friends or fellow endurance sport junkies. Almost certainly I would not be exercising on a regular basis if there would not be the odd sporting contest on the horizon.

Face it - Signing up and dedicating to a competition adds sense and a direction to everyday training. Despite the fact that this can be demanding it also means supplementary drive. I certainly like to have goals and having a well-adjusted agenda is inspiring to look forward to.

With our move to Sweden it is apparent that my emphasis lies on racing locally. Getting the chance to spend time travelling the country with my family and seeing all the varied places across this stunning kingdom is something that I look forward to.

So for the imminent season these are the battles I choose:

28.05.2017 ÖTILLÖ Utö Swimrun

By now a classic in the continuously growing SwimRun logbook. This race across the islet of Utö is challenging and a proper first test for the system. I’ll be racing this with my friend Felix.

10.06.2017 Stockholm SwimRun

My first city SwimRun race. Living in a city that seems to made for this sport, this was the obvious contest to pick. The course looks super fun and should be pretty fast. Looking forward to race this in the original German Sparkle Party formation with Fabian.

01.07.2017 Åre Xtreme Challenge

Another highlight and a race that should be well out of my comfort zone. I certainly have to opt my kayak and mountain-bike abilities for this multisport classic across Jämtland.

15.07.2017 Åstol Runt

The 0.15 km2 landmass of Åstol is located on the west coast of Sweden. Since two years they offer a matchless Aquathlon in and around the islet. A 2k open water swim is followed by a 7k run. Undoubtedly I look forward to a proper Aquathlon and a delicious flatfish for recovery

29.07.2017 Öloppet

Styrsö island in the Gothenburg archipelago is where the world’s biggest SwimRun takes place. 5.700 meters of swimming and 33.825 meters of running alongside the inimitable Über-hobbit are on tab.

01.10.2017 ÖTILLÖ 1000 Lakes

After missing last year’s inaugural ÖTILLÖ chapter on GSP home turf, Fabian and I are planning to face the icy Mecklenburger Seenplatte for some challenging fun through East German liquids and trails.

22.10.2017 The Original Mountain Marathon

Ticking of another biggie from the bucket list. Pumped to finally get my legs across the U.K’s stunning northern fells with my old-friend Seb. Facing a icy and clammy night out and lots of navigation work are going to be epic entertainment.

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shoeporn: On - Cloudflow

To the elder generation of endurance sport nerds he is still well-known under his renowned moniker “King of Zofingen”. In a period that saw the punishing Powerman-event round the Swiss city of Zofingen at his ultimate peak, this man won the heroic run-bike-run happening on remarkable eight occasions. A year after his last victory he retired from professional sports in 2005. Several Ironman Switzerland wins alongside national and international Duathlon and Triathlon titles later Olivier Bernhard ended his impressive career.

As a fan of the sport with a endeavour for technical perfection the idea of the perfect running shoe kept him inspired to push the development of his idea forward. His original idea to supply an innovative running sensation lead him to a Swiss engineer. Little by little the duo advanced numerous testers and eventually found their elementary concept – a shoe centred around a unique sole technology. Bernhard and his buddies named their company On and called the diminutive cushion elements “Clouds”. In 2010, On hit the shops and just recently I had the chance to have a proper go with their up-to-date model, the On - Cloudracer.

No discussion - the most noticeable gadget of an On shoe is the unique sole scheme. With a mere of 18 separately positioned “Clouds”, the newest Cloudflow has the most cushion pillows of all shoes in the existing product range. The Zero-Gravity EVA foam replies nicely and delivers a fine momentum to the stride.
When it comes to looks and finishing features this shoe surely sticks out. The uncommon sole is not the only part that makes the Cloudflow stand. Plenty of little features make the shoe extremely classy and significant.
The total weight comes on with some sweet 220 grams. Not only this supports a fast run. Also the 6 mm Heel-toe offset is a feature that I liked. With the provided cushion and the low-to-the-ground feel, this is something that I appreciated a lot.
Some heel details - with my style of running I can only assess the forefoot ride which is great. At first I was a bit sceptical regarding the sole construction. I thought the stability might not be there. During several runs I was proofed wrong.
Zürich based company On smugly states that they are hunting “a quest for the perfect running sensation”. It certainly is a diverse feeling running on the pads and takes one or two runs to value the new feeling.
Style & Detail – It is fine to notice a lot of thought-out details. Besides the polite print on the slim and comfortable tongue, I liked the company-symbol that is placed on the lacing ring.
Element -  Undoubtedly Olivier Bernhard and his friends David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti created something special and unique with this sole design.
Sole scenes – Speedboard is the name of the design that’s included within the Cloudflow outsole. It is supposed to boost the stride-flow and contributes to a safe and steady kick. The traction on the road is great and I had no problems. While this is not a trail shoe it still performed for me on my resident off-road path in dry conditions.
Laced – It is pretty tasteful and comfy mesh that slips around the runners foot. The upper material feels nice and has great breathability. The laces are pretty thin but still hold things together.
From this viewpoint the slender and breathable upper is apparent. It adds to the nice and light flow that the Cloudflow provides.
Inside the ride – a guise at the inside of the Cloudflow sole and the 18 cushion pads.
Fun fact - The first prototype was made by slicing up a garden hose and super gluing the cross-sections onto the soles. That one only lasted a few steps and has been perfected since then.
Finale –From the very first glance out of the stylish black box till the previous workout on the track I ran with the Cloudflow. Whereas it looks diverse and matchless it undoubtedly has its function and benefits the run. I like the design that unquestionably matches the overall quality of this lightweight trainer. The Cloudflow is happy with a bunch of paces and the sole reproduces the individual needs. Undoubtedly I’m nosy what the Swiss chaps develop next out of their garden shed.